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Topic2: I’m such a … person.







I think I’m such an easygoing person. I get that a lot from my friends from high school, mom friends and my family. Especially since my forties, I no longer care about things I have no control over anymore. I think there are also a lot of easygoing persons around me. Can I say like attracts like? Oh, my best friend who is a  Filipina is easygoing, too. She says she appears to be beaming, but she has some worries. I agree that there is no one who doesn’t have any problems.



I’m such an army person.  Army is the name of the BTS fandom and I’ve been a member for 2 years.  This June was the 9th anniversary of BTS forming.  During a live celebration video, the leader announced that they will go on a hiatus for a while.  Instead of working as BTS, each member will focus on their solo careers to grow as individuals rather than being part of a group



I’m such a sunny person, despite being born in the rainy season. Not all the time, but the events I look forward to are usually on sunny days. And sometimes when I ride the car or enter buildings, it starts raining.



I’m such an ambitious person because I want to do many things at the same time. For example, I learn English, Italian, guitar and tennis. And also I teach Japanese as a volunteer while I work part-time as a call center agent. It might be better to focus on a specific thing and move to another thing, but I feel like I should do these things now because time is limited. I try to do my best to do all the things I do although I sometimes feel like I become rushed.



I’ve been chatting with you for over three years, so I don’t probably have secrets about myself anymore. But, I’m not sure if you have realized it or not, but actually, I’m a bit of a timid person and I get nervous easily. I always enjoy chatting with my teachers and my mates, but before lessons or events start, my heart pounds. I always have mixed feelings of tension, fun, and joy. But, I usually wear a poker face, because I only have fun after classes or events have started. I’m not sure why I become so.



I’m the type of person who loves to sing alone. I also sing some songs loudly while driving, and I often went to karaoke before the coronavirus pandemic. Why I sing alone, it’s to be able to go into my own world. Singing songs releases stress and is really fun! Sometimes, I make harmony with YouTube songs. It’s really fun! Do you like music or sing songs?


I’m such an easygoing person.
I’m such an army person. 
I’m such a sunny person.
I’m such an ambitious person.
I’m a bit of a timid person.
I’m the type of person who loves to sing alone.





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