Our payment system is yet very simple but unique, so this video may be the easiest way to understand what are explained below.

* You can choose how many students you want to take care of, but basically you will start with a few students in the first place.

* You’ll receive 3,000 yen for each student as a bonus when a student decides to continue after the 1-week trial.

* You’ll still receive 1,000 yen for each student even when a student leaves after the 1-week trial.

* You’ll receive 3,000 yen for each student as a bonus every after 3 months until they leave.

* If you introduce a student, 1,000 yen / every month will be added to your payment until he/she quits. For example, if the student takes 12-month course, you’ll receive 12,000 yen in total. You don’t need to do the diary with them, unless you and the student want to. Word of mouth please!

* Payment will be made to your Japanese bank account, Post Office account or via PayPal at the end of every month. You need to have one of them. (If you prefer PayPal, please let me know in which currency you’d like to receive your payment.)

* You will receive the payment at the end of next month each student starts. For example, if you start the diary with 2 students in October, you will receive your amount of work in October at the end of November. It doesn’t matter what day in October you start. As long as it’s within October, the payment will be paid on November’s payday.

* Some bonus in winter, depending on how much you contribute to the school.

Payment for each student

* If a student writes 13 entries or more in a month, the payment will be 9,000 yen.

* If a student writes 10 – 12 entries or more in a month, the payment will be 7,000 yen.

* If a student writes 7 – 9 entries in a month, the payment will be 5,000 yen.

* If a student writes 4 – 6 entries in a month, the payment will be down to 3,000 yen.

* If a student writes 1 – 3 entries in a month, the payment will be down to 2,000 yen.

* If a student writes 0 entries in a month, the payment will be 0 yen. (Please try to encourage them, or ask me a help!)

Optional Menus

1. Voice recording option plan

As most of you may know, you can do audio recordings easily in Evernote. If you record yourself reading a script and our students can listen to it, that is a wonderful source for them to improve their listening and speaking skills. In addition, we believe it will work effectively to establish a greater connection between you and your students.

What you do:

*Record once in a single note. In other words, once every three entries at the bottom of that note.

*The student chooses one of the corrected entries that he/she wants you to record in that note. (At most 150 words)
(Or, he or she can pick certain lines from the corrected entries within the 150 word limit. Or, perhaps a free-talk may be good for advanced students? There are plenty of possibilities for us to try out and to build on.)

*The payment for this option is 3,000 yen per month without any reduction. (In other words, you’ll do four or five times a month at most, but even if you end up doing just one recording, it’s still 3,000 yen)

*Here are some samples and how you record (on Evernote).

*How to record on Stock.

What I’d like you to do now:

Could you record one entry in your students’ notes when possible, as a sample? I’ll inform them about this optional menu item soon and encourage them to take it, so having a sample there is ideal.
(For the sample, it doesn’t have to be a corrected entry. Just a brief voice message from you should be good enough. If you have many students, you can copy & paste the voice file. It’s all up to you! )

If you do NOT want to do this work for whatever reason, please let me know.

The webpage for the students is here.

2. 300 words optional menu

As you know, we have the “150 words per entry” rule, but if they apply for this option, they will have a right to write 300 words per entry. The additional payment for you is 5,000 yen per month, and there’s no pay cut for this option.


50th note

When a student reaches their 50th note on Evernote, please let us know. You and the student both receive 5,000 yen bonus (You get it in your payment and they get the Amazon gift ticket).

* It will be paid every after 50th note. In other words, 100th, 150th, 200th… you receive it again and again.

* The 50th “note”, not the 50th “entry”.

Yearly bonus

We pay a small bonus every November. Just a little token of our gratitude to help you feel happy being here. (It depends on how much you contribute to NEW.)