Terra Yim

カナダ出身のTerra!トロント大学(専攻は英文学と政治学)を卒業後、編集者として勤務された後、2017年から英語の先生をされています。カナダでも英語の指導をしていましたが来日。とても生徒思いで、どんなレベルの方にも適切なアドバイスができる対応力の幅広い方。趣味も多いですが、そのひとつがコスプレ!鬼滅の刃のコスプレも決まっています(^^) 英文学や政治などの話題から、日常生活で使える英語、アニメやコスプレの趣味が共通されてる方に特にオススメの先生です!


“Hello there! My name’s Terra. I’m from Toronto, Canada. I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in English Literature and Political Science, and worked as an editor before becoming an English teacher. I love talking about books, grammar, languages, and politics!

My main hobbies are reading, writing, and cosplay. I love stories, and bringing my favourite characters to life.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I fell in love with Japan through manga, which exposed me to charming yet normal aspects of life here — such as women giving men chocolate on Valentine’s (Valentine’s gifts are given to both men and women in Canada!) and eating mandarin oranges at the kotatsu. Although I came to Japan because of manga and anime, I ended up staying for 3 years for the people. (And the food, haha!)

The NEW Eikaiwa Exchange Diary Course is exciting because it allows students and teachers to really get to know one another. I look forward to having many conversations with you!”


Manga/anime, movies, books, food, history, politics