Rebecca Schneidereit



“Hi, I’m Rebecca! I’m from Nova Scotia, on the East Coast of Canada. The food, music, and culture of Canada’s East Coast are different from the rest of Canada! In the past, I lived in Tokyo for three years.

For work, I’m a writer/editor and teacher. For fun, I enjoy watching movies and reading books. I also love travelling. I’ve been to over ten countries. Since I like to cook, I enjoy learning recipes from the different countries I visit! In Japan, I began studying ikebana.

I try to be a good listener. A famous English writer named Agatha Christie said, “An appreciative listener is always stimulating.” I’ll listen carefully to learn about you and help you improve your English skills!”


travel, film/movies, ikebana, books, poetry, opera, music, ballet, theatre, politics, news, current events, cooking, podcasts, history, fashion, makeup