Rachel Takahashi


指導経験:英会話、Childhood Education

趣味・関心:*baking *cooking *yoga *hula hooping *acupuncture *Buddhism *meditation * Eastern philosophy *kimono *travel *nature *anime *animals

“Hi! My name is Rachel and I am originally from New York. I have been living in Tokyo for the past four years with my husband, and now, our brand-new baby girl. I have been working here as a kindergarten teacher and managing English-language curriculum for an international school. I absolutely love teaching and was also a teacher back in the US before I moved to Japan.

When I was first learning Japanese, I used a diary exchange program like this to improve my writing and communication skills. It was life-changing for me, and the reason I am now living in Japan with lifelong friends and my husband. I can’t wait to talk with you and learn all about you! Let’s have a great time learning, sharing, and growing together!”


*baking: I really enjoy baking sweets (cookies, cakes, etc.) and used to cater weddings and events when I lived in the US. It is still a dream to open my own bakery someday.
(I also love 和菓子 and Japanese-style western sweets!)



*hula hooping

*acupuncture (I don’t practice it, but I love it and am very interested in it)

*Buddhism (particularly Tibetan, but interested in all forms)

*kimono: a newer hobby, but I am reading a lot about the history and style of kimono

*travel: I’ve traveled to many countries & places in Europe and I really love traveling around Japan

*nature: I love mountains, forests, the ocean/beach (but I’m not a big hiker)

*anime: some of my favorites are Ghibli movies, Fullmetal Alchemist, Bakemonogatari, Mushi-shi (and many more)

*learning Japanese

*animals (not really a hobby, but I love animals)