Momo Hamamori



趣味:ハワイ、アメリカの公園、テーマパーク(特にDisney LandとフロリダのUSJ)、犬(特にBoston Terrier)、コスメ、カヤック、カフェ巡り

“Hello there, my name is Momo! I was born in Japan but grew up in California, and I now live in Houston, Texas. I studied business during college, and I’m now taking online courses to work towards a teaching degree.

I really like Hawai’i (food, culture, activites, anything!), US national parks, and theme parks, specifically Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida, and I like to visit these places frequently! I used to live in Orlando to work for Disney, so I’ve even taken a couple of backstage tours! I think I may be pretty knowledgeable as any other Disney fan, and I really enjoy talking about it. I also love food, Boston Terriers (all dogs and cats), beauty products (skin care, makeup, niche perfumes), kayaking, listening to audiobooks and music, and coffee/exploring local cafes and restaurants.

I travel A LOT for work (pre-pandemic, of course) and spend most of my time either at airports, on an aircraft, or at a hotel at my destination, both domestic and international. I would be happy to chat about pretty much anything!!”


Disney, Hawaii, travel, animals, coffee/cafes, beauty, books, music, history