Michael Waite


趣味:テクノロジー(AI, VRなど)、読書、コメディー、健康的生活、金融、投資、哲学、歴史、旅行、自然、瞑想、脳科学、SF、etc

“Hi! My name is Michael, but you can call me Mike. I am from California and I have been living and teaching in Japan for almost nine years, before in Tokyo and now in Osaka! I also spent one year in Seoul, South Korea. I studied Philosophy in university, but I am also interested in emerging technologies such as VR and AI. I worked in a VR startup while in Tokyo. I really love reading books, watching comedies, and trying to live a healthy life. There are


emerging technologies (VR / AR, AI, robotics), finance, investing, philosophy, history, geography, geology, communication, travel, health, sleep, nutrition, fitness, relationships, animals, biology, anthropology, evolution, nature, guitar, reading, business, economics, psychology, sociology, space, transportation, walking, meditation, learning, language, culture, happiness, neuroscience, movies, comedy, acting, public speaking, science fiction, podcasts, writing, success, productivity