Michael McGehee



趣味・関心:音楽(特にジャズ・クラッシック、K-pop、U.S./U.K. classic rock, ska)、哲学、歴史、日本文化、教育、栄養、健康、ベジタリアン、政治、ビジネス、etc.

“Hello everyone! I’m Michael! I was born in Kansas City, Missouri in the U.S., famous for BBQ and jazz music. I studied philosophy, history, and music in university, and then went on to get a master’s degree in humanities. Back in the U.S., I was a college instructor of philosophy for 6 years.

I moved to Japan in May 2019 to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine to live and work in Japan. Recently, I moved from Kobe to Tokyo. Since moving to Japan, I have taught English to students ranging from 0 to 91 years old. I really enjoy getting to know new people and learning more about their perspectives on life!

My hobbies include reading (and writing) fantasy and science fiction novels, playing the bass guitar and trombone, as well as playing games. I am also a vegetarian who tries to live a vegan lifestyle as much as I can.

I am looking forward to meeting you through our email exchange and helping you improve your English skills!”


Music (especially jazz, classical, Korean pop, U.S./U.K. classic rock, ska), philosophy, history, Japanese culture, graduate school, college in the U.S., education, diet and health, vegetarianism/ veganism, politics, business