Matt Low



趣味・関心:犬、アメリカ文化(特に80年代)、スポーツ(NFL, NBA, MLBなど全般)、日本語の勉強、食事、お酒、Netflix、etc.

“Hello! My name is Matt, and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA.

I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and worked in the IT industry for nearly 20 years. I was able to travel the world and make a lot of money, but I knew it wasn’t how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I have Japanese ancestry and had always dreamt of living in Japan someday. After losing some people very dear to me in 2013, I decided that life is simply too short to wait for “someday.” So here I am!

I moved to Tokyo nearly four years ago with my dog, Roxy. Both she and I love it here. There’s an endless number of interesting places to explore, beautiful scenery to see, and, undoubtedly my favorite, delicious foods to eat! I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of getting to know Japan, so I’m hoping you can recommend some of your favorite places to me.

I can’t wait to exchange lots of fun and interesting stories with you!”


Pets (particularly dogs); American ’80’s (or some ’70’s and ’90’s) anything (movies, music, pop-culture); hard rock/heavy metal from any era; guitar playing legends; world travel; American sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.); other world sports (particularly soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis); foods from around the world (especially the US, Mexico, and western Europe); Japanese food; beer/wine/spirits; fast street cars (particularly Porches and Ferraris); what’s currently on Netflix/Amazon Prime; screenwriting (I’ve written a screenplay!), relocating to a foreign country, and the challenges of learning a foreign language (specifically Japanese).