Kiana Yuen




Aloha and hello!

I’m Kiana Yuen, a Hawaii-born adventurer who found their way to Japan almost nine years ago and fell in love with this captivating country. My academic journey led me to Temple University Japan Campus, where I studied Political Science and International Affairs for two years.

I’m incredibly proud of my Hawaiian heritage. I have a deep passion for Hawaiian history and can’t wait to share its rich stories with you. As an elementary school teacher, I’m thrilled to bring my love for education to our cultural exchange.

I firmly believe that the most effective learning happens through fun and exploration. As your diary exchange teacher, I pledge to make learning an adventure where curiosity is our compass and laughter is our shared language. Together, we’ll dive into different cultures and histories, creating unforgettable memories.

I look forward to getting to know you.


I love to travel and adore exploring new places. I used to work as a tour guide in Hawaii for international students
Cafe-hopping, baking, and crocheting are my creative outlets, and I love crafting beautiful memories. 
My taste in movies and dramas spans from Korean dramas to action, sci-fi, and romance – there’s something for everyone. 
I’m also a devoted foodie, and I have a personal food Instagram where I keep all my cherished food memories. 
To add a touch of adventure to my life, I’m an avid Pokémon Go enthusiast.