Jennifer Mir

アメリカ出身のJennifer!現在は東京で娘さんの子育てもしながら、英語講師として大手英会話スクールでもレッスンをされていて、Best Teacher Top 50に選ばれたこともあります。

Hello, my name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jen if you like! I’m from Texas in the United States. I moved to Japan in 2011 and I lived in Toyama Prefecture for 3 years. I taught elementary and junior high school students there and I learned a lot about rural Japan! After that, I moved to Tokyo where I taught English to students of all ages. Now, I’m working as a writer and editor for English learning materials and textbooks.

I have a daughter who’s almost 2, so most of my free time is dedicated to her. But I’m really interested in music, food, and traveling! I also love pets and animals, anime, and learning more about Japanese culture. Since I’m a first-time mom, I also love hearing any tips or tricks for raising children, so please feel free to share your wisdom!

I’m so excited to help you reach your English learning goals while enjoying fun conversation! I can’t wait to learn more about you and the things you are interested in!