Jazmin Endo



“Hello! I’m Jazmin. I’m married and have a son named Judah. I love building relationships with people. The reason that I love working here is to meet new people, to encourage them and to see them grow. This is my passion. As a Christian, I love all people and want everyone to feel loved no matter who they are or what their background is.

I love traveling. I have been to 50 countries so far. My dream is to visit every country one day. I love to experience new cultures so I can better understand the world and the people around me.
My hobbies are singing, playing the piano and baking. Although, it’s funny because I don’t like eating the baking so I just give it away to my friends and neighbours.

This is just a sneak peak about me and hope to get to know you more also!”


I am a mother so I love to talk about motherhood.
I love travelling and talking about travelling and cultures. I have visited 50 countries so this is a passion of mine.
I love to sing and also have written some of my own songs while playing the piano or guitar.
I really enjoy watching movies. I will watch pretty much any kind of movie!
I love baking and cooking. I like to try new recipes.
I like decorating my house to make it look more homey.
I am a Christian and like to talk about and learn about all kinds of religions.
I love science and math. I like to learn.
I am married, love to talk about relationships and have given a lot of relationship/marriage advice.
I like thrift shopping and making old things new.