Eileen Lim



趣味・関心:読書(特にクライム系)、料理、お菓子作り、旅行、スキー、カラオケ、ディズニー, etc

“Hello everyone, my name is Eileen. I moved to Tokyo from Singapore in 2012. Since moving here with my husband, our family has expanded to include three kids! Before becoming a mother, I studied psychology at the National University of Singapore. After that, I spent a few years working in mental health.

My days now revolve around raising children. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cooking and swimming. On weekends, we try to spend our time outdoors enjoying nature. I look forward to exchanging diary entries with you and getting to know you better!”


Reading: non-fiction mainly, particularly crime related novels.
Cooking and baking: Mainly for family and Singaporean recipes
Traveling: Exploring Japan and experiencing the different seasons
Skiing: I am a beginner but loving it
Karaoke: Tone deaf but love singing
Disney: Not a big fan but very familiar with all their movies