Dominique Miyake


指導経験:英会話、Business English, 医療従事者への指導経験, TOEIC


“Hi, I’m Dominique! I’m from Nova Scotia, a province on the east coast of Canada. I’ve lived in Japan since 2004. I’ve lived in Tokushima, Tokyo, and Chiba, and now I live in Hiroshima with my husband and three children. I taught English in Japan to people of all ages for about seven years. After that, I moved into writing textbooks and other materials for English learners, which I’m still doing.

In my free time, I enjoy taking my kids to the beach and finding new parks around town. I also love embroidery, crochet, and drawing. My newest hobby is learning graphic design. I’m also an avid listener of true-crime podcasts and I love watching documentaries.

I’m very excited to be part of the diary exchange program! I can’t wait to hear about your interests and day-to-day life. Let’s get to know each other and improve your English through fun communication!”


My hobbies are embroidery, learning graphic design software, crochet, drawing, listening to true-crime podcasts, watching movies, doing crafts with my kids.