Cam Waller



“Greetings! My name is Cam and I’m from Florida. I currently live in Chiba and I am a graduate student in ceramics. I’ve lived in four different countries and traveled to a few others, but I want to travel to many more.

I love keeping busy and, even though school makes that very easy, I have many hobbies, including working out, experimenting with cooking and fermenting food, collecting and drinking tea, gaming, reading, building keyboard, creating art and trying new things whenever I can. I look forward to getting to know you!”


Art – Animation (my major as an undergraduate student), Ceramics (this is my major at university here in Japan!), Drawing
Film – Documentaries, Scifi/Fantasy, Dark comedy, Indie, etc
Gaming – RPGs, どう森, Rhythm, Platformers, Indie, Action-Adventure, VN, Roguelikes, Sandbox, Puzzle, MMO, etc
Fitness – Weightlifting, Dance, Running, Skating, Rowing, Walking, Hiking, Yoga
Electronics/Tech – Programming/Development, Building mechanical keyboards, Machine Learning/AI
Cooking/Food – Fermentation, Cooking food from around the world, Cooking special dietary food (because I have allergies)
Reading – Scifi/Fantasy, Nonfiction, Japanese lit, dystopian, magical realism, travel, nature, memoir, Comics/Manga, etc
And most of all, I love trying and learning new things!