Aziz Krich


“Hello everyone, my name is Az and I’m originally from the UK. After studying philosophy at university and completing a master’s degree in international relations, I became interested in Japan and Japanese culture. After a year working at a Japan-related job in London, I moved to Japan in 2014. Since then, I’ve lived in Shiga and Osaka and have been teaching English to high school, university, and business-level students.

I’m passionate about soccer, hiking, watching movies, and listening to music (mostly jazz and hip hop). I also have a keen interest in literature, philosophy, politics, and traveling. What are you passionate about? I really believe that the NEW Eikaiwa 交換日記 is a great way to improve your confidence, overall English skills and also meet interesting people from around the world. I look forward to chatting with you soon!”


Absolutely anything! Travel, food, sports, hobbies, current events.