指導経験:英会話、英検, IELTS


“Hi! My name is Alexandra, but please call me Xana. I’m originally from Connecticut, USA, near New York. I first came to Japan in 1995 on the JET program in rural Shimane. I love to travel. I met my husband backpacking in Laos. We traveled together for about two years before moving to Gifu City, near his hometown. We have a big family with three daughters and many pets. My children were all born and raised here in Gifu. I’m always happy to discuss parenting and education.

I have enjoyed teaching English to people of all ages in Japan for many years. Currently, I work at an elementary school and a university. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!”


parenting/education (three daughters born and raised in Gifu, currently two in high school and one in elementary school), travel (backpacked and traveled to dozens of countries in Asia, SE Asia, the Middle East, and Europe), gardening (flowers, vegetables, trees), pets (currently we have 3 cats, 2 chickens, 12 turtles, and fish), books, TV, movies, podcasts, news/current events, walking, cooking, baking, bento-making, holidays/events (e.g. Halloween, Christmas, Hina Matsuri, etc), children’s crafts