Recently, Evernote has been experiencing an issue wherein your entry or the student’s gets deleted (even a few days after having written and saved it).

If and when it happens, please let me know before you start redoing it, because a backup copy is usually saved on my end from which I can restore the work.

* How to inform me when it happens

You must inform me as follows when reporting the issue to my chat:

* Hanako Yamada
* Third entry on Note 03
* My diary entry and my comments

So, in a nutshell, please write “Deleted” first (THIS IS IMPORTANT to help me find it quickly without opening your chat message), then the student’s full name, the note number, and which entry and/or other information (ex. additional comments, memos, etc.) has gone missing.

I need to see the【Deleted】like the picture above. If you send another message after sending it, it will hide the 【Deleted】, so please make sure that 【Deleted】can be seen without clicking the chat message. THIS IS IMPORTANT! (If you have to send another message after that, please send 【Deleted】again and make it the newest message, so that I can see it.)


(Please note it may take a short time before I receive the message and can confirm the backup and restore, after which I will reply to you to make sure it has been fixed on your end)