Kyle Mutrie



“Hi, everyone! My name is Kyle and I’m from Canada. I grew up near Toronto and have also lived in Vancouver for 4 years. I have been in Japan for a total of about 8 years now – first in Osaka and now in Kyoto. I have been working as a teacher and translator here and really enjoy meeting new people and having fun and fruitful conversations. I especially love idioms and sayings that are specific to English.

My favorite things to do are making & listening to music, playing board games & card games with friends, and making funny videos/images. (They’re funny to me anyway!) I also love travel, coffee, craft beer, and vegetarian foods.

I look forward to hearing from you and having fun exchanging messages.”


Music, TV/movies, board/card games, health, philosophy, cultural differences, craft beer, nature, food (vegetarian foods – used to be vegan for 12 years, though not anymore)